Shareholder Update on 10,000 Emesyl Commercial Spots and MYEC App

Posted 01:21:00 06/29/2015 by Admin

Hello Shareholders,

We've received numerous inquiries asking where we stand on our 10,000 Emesyl Commercial Spots and the status on the MYEC App.

We can tell you that we saw a prototype of the commercial last week and liked what we saw. The look and feel was very nice. We had a minor concern with part of the content and felt it needed a little tweaking. Be assured, this is very minor and we expect to have final product for delivery very soon.

As far as an update on the MYEC app, we are still waiting on MYEC to deliver the app to ITNS. We have been in daily contact with MYEC and we believe this will happen very soon.

Please be patient, these things take time. We're a small company and we are working with limited resources. We are focused and confident that our long term goal of making Emesyl a household name will definitely come to fruition. Stay tuned, we have good things in the works.


Itonis Inc.


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