Open Letter From CEO Mark Cheung To Shareholders

Posted 09:25:00 02/06/2015 by Admin

Dear Shareholders,

I just want to thank our shareholders, our Itonis team (especially Dr. Hensley), and other supporters for the faith and belief that Itonis can indeed achieve and succeed.

We promised to deliver Emesyl™ to market, and we finally have done so. We appreciate everyone's (almost everyone's) patience, support, and encouragement during the rocky road through the formula development process, the packaging design and re-design process, as well as the ultimate delivery of shipments from the manufacturer for distribution. While some may have doubted us, we were determined from the beginning to deliver the product for sale.

We and our distributor have posted news recently regarding having released Emesyl™ for retail sale at and other retail locations in California. We are not stopping; we are moving forward with connecting with other retail prospects to expand the exposure of Emesyl™. Indeed, Hensley Bros. Distribution has already promised to take Emesyl™ to the 2015 NACDS expo this coming August. We will work to increase our retail sales at every possible opportunity.

As Hensley Bros will take the lead on selling Emesyl™, Dr. Hensley and our Itonis team will look to our other projects. We will keep you informed as matters progress.

Thank you again for your support.

Mark Cheung, CEO


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