Migranade, Inc. Initiates Negotiations To Acquire The Exclusive World-Wide Rights To Manufacture And Market Itonis, Inc.'s EMESYL™ Nausea Relief

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Migranade, Inc., the maker of MIGRANADE Migraine Relief, announced today that it has commenced negotiations to acquire the exclusive world-wide rights from Itonis, Inc. to manufacture and market EMESYL™ Nausea Relief.

"EMESYL™ Nausea Relief will make a great addition to our current product portfolio as nausea is a major issue with a high percentage of Migraine sufferers even after an attack has otherwise subsided," said Charles Hensley, Ph.D., Migranade's founder and Chief Executive Officer. "As the inventor of EMESYL™ Nausea Relief, I am acutely aware of the enormous potential of the product in the migraine space. Given our manufacturing capabilities through our recent acquisition of Oasis Health Products and the creation of our homeopathic nasal spray division, the time is right for this move."

EMESYL™ Nausea Relief will be marketed under the Migranade brand and the company plans to bundle it with MIGRANADE Migraine Relief.


Migranade, Inc. (www.migranadeinc.com) is a U.S. Pharmaceutical company with a focus on the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of medications for the treatment and prevention of migraine headache. MIGRANADE Migraine Relief (www.migranade.com) is a patent pending oral effervescent medication for the treatment of migraine headaches. MIGRANADE Migraine Relief targets the actual cause of the migraine headaches vs. only treating symptoms. For media inquiries contact Orange County, CA Public Relations Agency www.drivenpublicrelations.com or send an email to info@migranade.com

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