Emesyl Stability Testing

Posted 04:02:00 10/22/2014 by Admin

To our shareholders:

We have had many inquiries about stability testing requirements for Emesyl. We hope the following statement answers these questions and / or clarifies any misunderstandings about the process and requirements:

For the product to have a 2 year expiration date, 90 days are required to complete the stability test. ITNS is well into that 90 day period and we will have a 2 year expiration date for Emesyl that is planned for specific distributors.

It should be noted that stability testing is not mandatory for distribution. The product can be distributed without stability testing. The difference is the product will not have an expiration date, which is also common for many homeopathic products on the market today.

I hope this clears things up.


Itonis Inc.


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