Emesyl Manufacturing & Production Inquiry Response

Posted 10:09:00 06/06/2014 by Admin

Good Morning All!

We have received many inquiries via phone and email asking if Emesyl is actually being produced right now.

In our press release on June 2 we stated:

"The NDC number and trademark Notice of Allowance has enabled the Company to enter the final stage of its product packaging design, and the production of Emesyl® will soon begin with its manufacturer, Oasis Health Products".

For clarification purposes the following is what we have responded with in our email response back to to those inquiries:

The actual production of Emesyl will begin when product packaging is finalized.The finalization of packaging includes the NDC and the UPC for the package.. We are working very closely with Oasis and are days away from finalizing this step. Once complete we plan to start the actual production of Emesyl. From there we will move to marketing and distribution.

It's been a long road, our hard work is paying off, and we are confident that Emesyl will be a household name.


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