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Located in Lake Forest, California, and founded in 2005, Itonis Inc. has focused on transitioning itself in the past year from acquiring high growth, market niche entrepreneurial companies, to a market leader focused on the distribution of innovative products to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Under the guidance of Dr. Charles Hensley, the inventor of Emesylâ„¢ and the Zicam(R) Cold Remedy, the company is highly focused on bringing to market its first homeopathic anti-nausea product which is expected to be sold over-the-counter to alleviate mild to moderate nausea. Future plans call for the production and marketing of alternative over the counter and prescription homeopathic preparations which will be used to treat common ailments and chronic diseases.

Our future looks bright! We are excited and look forward as we bring new innovative products to market for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Mark Cheung

CEO / President

Mark Cheung

Mr. Cheung has more than 20 years of business law and entrepreneurial experience in the legal fields of business litigation and appeals. He has been a name partner at his Irvine, California law firm that has handled numerous business litigation and intellectual property matters, including a trademark case that ended favorably in the U.S. Supreme Court. Through years of litigation matters, Mr. Cheung has confronted unprecedented business operational disputes and relationship issues, providing industry opportunities to enhance and apply problem-solving skills at all levels.

Since 2001, Mr. Cheung has served on and chaired various not-for-profit boards for several organizations in Orange County, California. He chaired a consumer financial non-profit organization that included 20 staff, over $2 million in assets and $1.7 million in annual revenues. He has chaired at a community college foundation with over $1.5 million in assets and endowments. Mr. Cheung has also served as a board member to several attorney bar associations, including the chair position for one such association.

Through his decade-long experience of serving and giving back to his community, Mr. Cheung found that such charitable organizations provided him first-hand experience with all aspects of the corporate and business world, including personnel, operations, financial, competition concerns, and reserve investing.

Since 2005, Mr. Cheung has also served as an adjunct professor, teaching upper-class levels at Chapman University School of Law.

Mr. Cheung received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Brandeis University, and his law degree from Boston College Law School. He has also published scholarly articles in the law.

Donald Jolly, Ph.D.

CFO / Treasurer

Donald Jolly, Ph.D.

Dr. Donald L. Jolly, Ph.D. has more than 20 years experience in the Finance Industry. He has served at both the board and executive levels within the banking community, holding numerous executive positions ranging from the Vice President of Marketing to the President/CEO of several California banks. His wide array of corporate and retail experience include all aspects of banking operations, loans, marketing, personnel, and customer relations. His founding of a California bank provided him valuable experience in managing the early developments of a business.

Dr. Jolly also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Richard A. Neubauer Research Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to further research, medical improvements, and education in Hyperbarics. He has studied in London, Aberdeen, Scotland and California with internationally renowned doctors, developed research facilities in California, worked in Africa and Romania, and made great strides in research as well as the application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This pursuit has supplemented his banking career with additional operational and business growth experience.

Charles B. Hensley, Ph.D.

President of Itonis Pharmaceuticals

Charles B. Hensley, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles B. Hensley is the pioneer in the development and use of safe and effective therapeutic cocktails. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and received his Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Southern California.

In the mid 1990's, Dr. Hensley invented of Zicam(R) cold remedy, one of the top cold remedies in the United States. With the launch of ZICAM, Dr. Hensley and co-workers changed the marketing and product placement paradigm for homeopathic drugs in the United States. Dr. Hensley also developed Zicam(R) Allergy and the nasal delivery systems used in the Zicam(R) product line extensions.

Dr. Hensley was CEO and Chairman of Nasal Therapeutics, Inc., CEO of PRB Pharmaceuticals, president of Zengen, and co-founder of Zicam, LLC (formerly Geltech, LLC).


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